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Electric Food Chopper

Electric Food Chopper

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Brand Name: other

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

Product description:

Material: Stainless steel+plastics

color: blue,white,green

Package Includes:

Option: 1X machine(10Cm *0.32CM/80cm*0.26in)

Attention: Please fully charge before each use, and it is best not to exceed one-third of the capacity each time

Instructions for use

1. Please charge the machine for the first time. The red indicator light willturn on when the machine is charged, then the red light will turn offwhen the machine is fully charged.

2. First, put the knife holder into the knife shaft of the cooking cup, and thenput the washed food into the cooking cup. The food put into the cup cannot exceed the maximum limit.

3. After the food is loaded into the cooking cup,the separator plate is moun-ted on the cooking cup and then placed on the Machine Head. When themachine is stabilized, the shuttlecock can press the switch behind thehead to start the machine to take care of the food. When the food is toomuch, the blade may get stuck when the machine starts and will not turn,please take out some food properly and continue to start the machine.

4. Release the switch about 15 seconds after starting, if the food is not fineenough,please continue to press,switch for cooking:after cooking,take offthe Machine Head, then take off the tray on the cooking cup to pour thefood out of the cup, and then clean the tray, knife holder and cooking cup.

Points to note

1. This product is a charging machine. Please charge this product before first


2. Before adding ingredients, make sure that the blades are in place and canrun smoothly.

3. Do not use sharp objects to scrape machines.

4. Never overload the machine.

5. Please do not put the cooker into the microwave oven heating or the refrigerator freezing, lest causes the cooker to break, the Cooker Cup highesttemperature resistance may use 100°C boiling water sterilization clean.

6.This product should not be used in processed foods such as coffee beans,soy beans, donkey-hide gelatin, rice, ice or frozen foods.

7. When the product works, it is forbidden to touch the blade, motor and otherdismountable parts, so as to avoid injury, injury or damage to the product.

8.This product can not work continuously for more than 20 seconds, aftercontinuous work for 20 seconds, you need to rest for 2 minutes to use, towork for 20 seconds interval 2 minutes as a cycle, after working for 3 cycles,the product must be cooled for 30 minutes before working to ensure theproduct life.

9. The blade is very sharp. Please do not touch the blade directly with yourhand. Clamp the blade when taking it out or installing it. Operate theconnecting rod at the top of the frame.

10. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or corrosive liquids (such asgasoline or acetone) to clean products. The product can be rinsed directlywith clean water (except the head).

11. Do not wash the parts of this product in the dishwasher.

12. This product should be kept out of reach of children and should not beused or played with by persons (including children) who are physically ormentally handicapped or lack relevant experience and knowledge.

13. This product is for personal or home use only, not for commercial use.

14. Note: remove the blade, drain the cup and rinse. Be careful with the blade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Reginald Durgan

Arrived in programmed time it works well and with force although it is a bit small

Leone Hoeger

In perfect condition when received. Save a lot of time when chopping garlic, chilli and fresh herbs

Herta Larson

At the moment it works quite well for how small it is, it has greater power than I expected. Very happy with the article, I hope it will last a long time

Chase Price

It is small but perfect for what is required, the material is of quality and the finishes alike.

Myles Lesch

Works very well but you can not do very big things because it can be damaged