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Watch Activated Digital Voice Recorder

Watch Activated Digital Voice Recorder

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Brand Name: MiTwoo

Playback Formats: MP3

Playback Formats: WAV

Playback Formats: WMA

Record Audio Format: MP3

Record Audio Format: WAV

Record Audio Format: WMA

Origin: Mainland China

External Memory: No

With Speakers: No

Balanced Out: Yes

Model Number: S8

Package: Yes

External Microphone: No

Certification: CE

Dimensions (WxHxD): 45*38*11mm

Voice Activated Recording: No

battery: Lithium battery

Number of mics: bidirectional

Product weight: 39g

Transmission interface: MICRO

Video recording: no

Recording mode: One-button recording

Recording distance: 10m

Recording time: 1800 minutes

Shell material: Zinc alloy

capacity: 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


Product sellpoints
1.    OLED screen, zinc alloy material, watch style, silver, high concealment, with clock display function.

2.    One-button recording, keyless design, remote multi-function operation, with deletion function, playback LED indicator

3.    ADPCM recording 192Kbit, optional voice control recording 50DB, automatic split recording, cyclic coverage recording

4.    It supports MP3, WMA, WAV playback, and fast forward and rewind playback

5.    With time stamp, the recording file name is named with time.

6.    Automatically save the file, and the recording data will not be lost after power off, which is safe and reliable.

7.    Remote recorder.    Voice recorder.    Automatically start recording when there is sound, and automatically standby when there is no sound, improving efficiency and saving power

8.    Music watch MP3 player.    Long time recorder.

9.    Fashionable and comfortable wrist watch recorder.    Not just digital recorders

10.Long standby: The long standby design of this voice recorder makes it easy to use and saves space in your home.

11.Plug & play: No need to install any software, just plug in and play.  

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